...my first post :)

Hi guys! sorry for not posting before..lazyness..but yesterday night..croco shown me the light..and now i had to do it :) and yes..we had really rough sex :D (i know this was a respectful blog..but now is OVER!!:D)

So first we start with this that it reminds my time as a highschool guy and Christoph made me re-visit this :) LOVE IT

About last night..was Christoph Esch last performance in Stockholm so we had to go..and it was just..just perfect..great playlist man..as usual! Thanks for remind me of this awesome sound The Bravery.

After Christoph performance we were listening to some loud sound coming from a tunel in gamla stan..and guess what? A Rave in the heart of Stockholm!! ahahah Croco can u help me with the playlist?? :D it was so so so good!

Now getting serious...some good stuff i heard in the last months:
  • One of my new hotest..rebau i know u love this
  • Kinda old but i cant stop to love this
  • Kick ass movie 21...love the soundtrack!
  • LAST CD OF COLDPLAY!! U MUST LOVE IT! single viva la vida is just great and my favourite which if u are in a loving mood..its great ahahah JUST GET THE CD is all great!
  • Me and Bernardo we went to Lykke Li concert last week..and it was fabulous! that girl will go really far! btw..i have been with her in berns..but even heavily drunk i couldnt talk to her! ahah pussy..i know :D This music live is something...just great!
  • Also i should recommend to get all the stuff from kitsune and modular..great stuff..just as croco made us experience :)

Last thing before i finish this post is: CROCO MAKE MORE ESSENTIALS and love u all!!:)

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