Heart and soul

Yay! After missing some important parties and being really tied up to my less-than-10-euros pocket I finally got to receive the long-awaited second part of my scholarship!! Yes!!

And it turns out that next week Pilooski is coming to town :) This french DJ/producer (oh again the french!) hit on 2007 with a lovely soul re-edit that I first heard on that year's Sonar. It was the closing track from DJ Mehdi's set and I remember he was jumping all over the stage and on the speakers too.. singing this song, just crazy. I got obsessed with that song and it took me about three months to discover what was it. You know that feeling when you finally find that song it's been on your mind and you didn't know what the hell was! Orgasmic...

So, Pilooski takes the groove from the 60's and 70's to this century but preserving the original flavour. Recently he scored another re-edit on Verve Remixed 4 compilation; this time the great Nina Simone was the chosen. Check out other works he did with Pointer Sisters, Jackson Jones and John Miles.

Flying more than 500 miles to arrive to Australia, oh Australia... Lately one of the hottest spots on Earth with the likes of Cut Copy, Midnight Juggernauts and the whole Modular crew rocking the place. Bang Gang Dj's (yeah those dj's who played after Bumblebeez at Kollingsborg!) brings us one of the best dj sets,compilations, whatever you call it of the year, joining a bit of nearly all you can dance to these days. Don't miss it.. D is for Disco, E is for Dancing

But it's not all about dancing, is it? We need some little joy and fight for our dreams of the past cause we are not numbers anymore... 4

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