French invasion

Lately I run into French music more often than before. Just coincidences? Are we going to be musically attacked by those strange snail eaters? Waiting for the answer, I enjoy their music and video.
And why Finnish and American bands call themselves with French names? Does it make them cooler? Me as Italian, if I had a band, I would never give it a french name! Surely this everlasting hostility between France and Italy has more than one reason, mais pourquoi? Most people like to generalize prejudices. Let them do it, till it's harmless.
On one thing we totally agree... we like Spain.

Jolie Cherie - Barcelona (video link)

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  1. whoa!! :) Elena for president!!!

  2. It really seems that French do it better or at least people still tend to think so! Me like!

  3. haha bastards!! :) touché!

  4. When we talk about electro-pop music, then yes it seems that France has the tune..When we talk about good electronical stuff then we need to take out the map and put our finger on Germany.. But in general the best music comes from England! sorry guys:)

  5. I'm completely agree with Elenathenewblogger: to be French is a style of life,not a citizenship... It's synonym of sophisticated, above all talking about music!!

  6. Ok, then I'll support Sweden a bit and their electronic music scene (Style of Eye, Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Ida Engberg, Özgur Can, Sven Väth or the Swedish House Mafia, etc...) but ...

    ... we have fresh(s)tuff as well in France ;)