Developing also in music...

From Holland with love here i'm back...
Lately i've been very reflective about a lot of things and surely i'm more and more aware of how the third world isn't third anymore..
well to put it in an easier way..i found also something interesting from what is now to be said the "developing" world.
After the dirtier sounds of almost srilankian M.I.A. and Buraka som sistema that i personally love..
pumping some collaborations with MIA, Vampire weekend, Architecture in Helsinki and soon Crookers too..

An indie African mix...interesting experiments..


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  1. Welcome back man!! Excellent post!
    "Warm heart of Africa" is one of my favorite songs of these last months :)
    I just don't understand why we didn't post about it yet, the video is hilarious, Takeshi's castle school!
    The remixes are great too and the Skream song makes me wonder if I'm missing the dubstep...
    Monty python rule, ni!
    5 stars