Lenny Kravitz - Let love rule (Justice Remix)

The Midas Touch.
It's been some time since every little thing that Justice touches becomes gold and COOL. Take this one for
example: Lenny Kravitz the almost retired afro guitar player. His new song is not remarkable at all and he's been clearly in decadence for some time...

Now he's back in business, thanks to these f* Parisian. But what it makes this song special this time is the videoclip by mister Keith Scofield. I can see it like the perfect ending for an 80's action movie starring Kelly Kapowsky and Marty McFly. Another video favorite for 2009!

1 comentario:

  1. lenny want's to give people what they want .. he started with being rockstar and then in some moment he turned into some kind of Enrique Inglesias, and started to make those cheesy love-sex songs with videos where all the sexy women of the world are so wettt.!!

    Anyways and now he needs the way out of the shit-hole.. And justice shouldn't make their hands dirty, if you know what i mean.