We come from a place where we have geysers

The Northern cold is influencing my music taste I think..or just freezing my brain..
Besides rain..cold is coming up..
From Far far north music is coming down with the cold airflow..there is people inventing languages

Sigur Ros - Við spilum endalaust (A Take Away Show by La Blogotheque) (video link)

But besides them that are quite big I encountered some more on my way here...
In a Rotterdam factory some nights ago i was at this random festival with these guys..

Múm - Green grass of tunnel (video link)

and then last but not least a random song on my Spotify (also from the north..)

FM BELFAST - Underwear (video link)

I think i will turn blond soon..but i still don't get how can they run in underwear in Iceland..

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  1. Cold stuff! :) niiice!

    Speaking of Spotify! We should add some Spotify lists in the future... what about weekly, or monthly top 10, top 5?

    Thanks again for keeping it up!! Guys we have almost created more posts in the last month than in the whole year.. just lovely