Arcade Fire - The Suburbs

Let's try to be happy, even if it's Monday!

Today I wondered why do we smile so much at Arcade Fire songs. It's life. While bitter, there's only just one to smile to, but It's not only about being unique. It's music.

Why shall you smile at dark neighborhoods, impossible loves, family trouble and unexpected passings? I believe it's about the greatness and the little things too, understanding and appreciating some, misunderstanding some other. Sharing, re-inventing yourself, creating your own path and keeping the good part, there's always a part of joy. Then it comes the smile, sometimes.

I don't have the magic poison working perfectly yet, they do. I keep on working.

P.S.: Don't miss the chance of watching them alive, go for it.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs (video by Spike Jonze)

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