Primavera Club 10 - Thursday

Narwhal / Moog / 20h

The second day started for me with Narwhal: 2 guys that seemed to be left on the stage playing drones with their synthesizers just for fun. Shouting, sampling themselves, sweating and feeling it. An intense almost non-stop performance in one of the most risky and non-conventional shows that we had the chance to see. Impressive.

Beach Fossils / Apolo / 21.30h

What Wild Nothing couldn't achieve the day before, Beach Fossils did: the connection. These young guys on their early-twenties maybe won't show us anything new, but they got the ease enough to get to move the crowd and please it, which is quite a lot.

They sounded hi-fi-er and faster than the album and provided a good concert of 40 minutes. More or less the same time that Male Bonding, that were at the same time in La [2] and I tried to reach their end... but I found them instead playing the last note of their last song. No problem, they played again on Friday.

By the way, this video is from one of the gigs they did for the festival, but 2 days later in Madrid:

Damm-Funk & Master Blazter / Apolo / 23h

One of the best things about Primavera is their particular eclectic style; for instance Damm-Funk (Stones Throw) & Master Blazter surely wouldn't fit in your imaginary line-up. They also look back in the 80s, but in this case from the perspective of funk; the electro funk with vocoders and retro synths on a trip to the nasty sounds of the Westside.

The L.A. guys were getting the audience more and more on their pocket as the concert moved forward, especially when their drummer showed his Barça scarf -he did it like 20 times. We loved a great 8-bit solo performance by Computer Jay, the man on the machines... but you know what? I recalled Zapp & Roger and missed a guitar somewhere there... Always complaining!!!

The video is from Madrid too cause I didn't find the Barcelona version either:

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