2010 Best Albums (2)

Best albums of 2010I thought I would never finish this list. You know, I'm not a man of albums... Even my favourite albums ever have 1 song that I skip, so I'm sorry, this is it:

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  • Arcade Fire - The Suburbs: It feels like being a sin not including an Arcade Fire album in a "best of the year" list. And I'm happy for that and I would always like to be this way. ("The Suburbs", "We used to wait")
  • Surfer Blood - Astro Coast: I remind the start of the year and three albums that come to my mind are this one and the following two. Surfer Blood's debut album is like semen: sticky sounds catchy, familiar and fresh. Give it a chance if you haven't listened it yet, it's not just another Pitchfork-hyped band. ("Floating Vibes", "Swim")
  • Two Door Cinema Club - Tourist History: Well to be honest, I prefer the original versions of "Something Good Can Work", "Cigarrettes in the theatre" and "Undercover Martyn", but the album works as a whole. A whole of tunes after tunes. ("Come Back Home")
  • Delphic - Acolyte: Similar story to TDCC, some of the songs included here were already released before, but it was worth to listen: "Acolyte" or "Halcyon" are the right answer.
  • Wavves - King of the beach: The fucking summer, man. No, nothing to do with the fuzzy, über lo-fi, unintellegibly two albums released before by Nathan Williams. Joined by Jay Reatard's former rhythm section "King of the beach" is Californian punk, Nirvana (or Pixies whatever you prefer..), noise pop and slacker attitude at their best. And yes, I don't understand when he tries to play Animal Collective... stay punk, you idiot! ("Post Acid")
  • The Love Language - Libraries: "Heart to tell" (via Blalock) was just a perfect introduction to this band. "Britanny's Back" or another perfect song called "Blue angel" should be enough to get you into this band. Otherwise you're probably dead.
  • Edwyn Collins - Losing Sleep: A special mention for the man that shook Primavera Club this year. The man that can make choruses for himself and dance in his soul. Ladies and gentlemen, mr. Edwyn Collins. ("Losing Sleep", "In your eyes")
+ 2 EPs:
  • DOM - Sun Bronzed Greek Gods: I'm sure a couple or three fans of early MGMT work would have loved the Brooklyn band's sophomore album to sound like this. By the way, I don't know how many times I wondered the singer was a girl.. these falsettos... ("Living in America", "Jesus", "I Wonder").
  • Toro y Moi - Leave Everywhere: hehe.. this summarizes my real lazyness doing this top 10: a 2-songs-album. But... wait for it.. what a couple of songs! No need to introduce the first one, "First date" tells us an end of a story, or was it the beginning? By the way, next year, he's releasing another album. Keep an eye on him!

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