Primavera Club 10 - Saturday

The day the electronic was supposed to have a bigger presence:

LOU BARLOW / Casino de l'Aliança de Poblenou / 20.30h

We started again where we did the day before with Edwyn Collins, just a little bit later... We were still recovering from Friday and had a long night in front of us.

The ex-Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh was our first stop. A really intimate ambience that made the American nervous, "used to noisy bars with people talking loud". We didn't really realized he was so. Just maybe that time he started and after a couple of seconds fucked the song, laughed, said "shit" and everybody laughed and clapped at him. Everyone was with him and a lot of the people there will remember this touching performance, and surely not that mistake.

They'll remind his soft picking of the acoustic guitar, the songs from all his projects he played and the ironic talks on the breaks like the funny "Tortilla" and "La Tortuga" mini-monologue. I could even heard someone crying to several songs, or maybe I was paranoid and she got a cold...

RUBIK / La [2] / 22.30h

We decided to have a break before coming back to the gigs. Mistake. We missed part of one of the best shows of the festival: Rubik are an octet (yes, 8) from Helsinki (Kairi was right when she said they mumbled something that sounded like Finnish) that play... well.. it's difficult to say.. so making a bit of research I found all these bands have been compared to them: Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Sufjan Stevens, Of Montreal... not too bad!

Their stage presence was great and you could tell by their t-shirt marks and the few space left between them, tsytnhesizers, trumpets, guitars and tambourines. And the singer was so amazed that he couldn't stop saying "Thanks so much! You guys are great." after each song. Thank you guys!


If before this live show the first thing that came up to my mind was that amazing song called Tom Tom, now it's "legs". And it's a pity. Eleanore Everdell, the singer, is sexy as hell, like a French model on the 60s. But you see, we aren't talking about her music here. She isn't a bad singer either, but our physical meter-distance was musically kilometric.

The mentioned "Tom Tom" sounded flat, Jason Friedman's guitar didn't sound at all in the most of the songs and where did all the fantastic bleep went?. We don't know if she didn't feel like playing it with her synth or because it's like that. Luckily the concert got better, but it was sort of a deception.

MOUNT KIMBIE / Apolo / 1.00h

Ok guys, some of you won't understand this but we really liked to see Wavves, so we just stayed for a couple of songs. From what we saw and heard, they should have played before, or at the end, not in the middle.

WAVVES / La [2] / 1.30h

Not many times you have the chance to see a concert two times in two days. I think I hadn't done it before, and at first I thought it would be stupid, but... why not? We got a place close to the stage in a pretty packed La [2] and warned Kairi that was going to be a pogo-concert. It began the same way the day before and on the second song we entered the moshpit and lost her. Pussy...

Wavves sounded better (I think so, some said worse..) and you could really tell these slackers had smoked and drunk a bit more. The same setlist except "Super Soaker" a bit before by (girl)request.

The end was just epic: I've found among the mess one of our old freshtuffers, Dani a.k.a. Dr. Cuervo, and the last song was the tunage "Post-Acid" that ended few seconds before, subtly, with an stage invasion, the bass drum kicked out and the mic flying... When I got the mic in my hand they just cut the sound. Awesomeness. As Dani said "we are not 20 anymore", but we felt like that for some minutes.

MASSIERAS / Apolo / 2.30h

Almost dead, I headed to see the freaky trio. They started with a trippycal (I've just made that up) intro that led to their hit "Boogity boogity". A disco celebration that kept us dancing until our body said enough.

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