Every day I'm whistlin'

Después de un pequeño paréntesis, volvemos con una lista llena de silbidos. No es un abucheo, aunque me lo merezca... Una excusa más para que aparezca por fin por aquí la canción del verano...

"Pumped up kicks" de Foster The People aparecía el pasado verano y llegaba a nuestras manos via Blalock en una de esas grandes infinitas listas de las que también extraímos "Leaving Everywhere" de Toro y Moi, "Living in America" de DOM"Heart to tell" de The Love Language o "Invent it all again" de Faded Paper Figures... ¡casi nada! Además incluía "The Suburbs" de Arcade Fire o  "Say no to love" de The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, entre muchas otras... [continúa después del vídeo]

Recuerdo haber discutido con Kairi sobre la magnitud de "Pumped up kicks". A mí me parecía aceptable, aunque quizá un poco aburrida y además me recordaba para mal a "Dancing in the moonlight", la cual he de decir que amaba... en su momento. Kairi insistía en que era un temazo.

Pues resulta que, para mi sorpresa, la canción empieza a salir en todas las listas de canciones del verano indie y alternativas, blogs, redes sociales, hasta el punto de escucharla de rebote en un bar de Pacos del centro de Barcelona... Confirmado: "Pumped Up Kicks" de Foster The People es la canción del verano 2011.

Se repite la historia pues. Como "Let's go surfing" el pasado año, la canción llega un año más tarde al cenit. ¿Más coincidencias? Un silbido pegajoso que engancha a cualquiera...

Hemos hecho algo diferente a lo de siempre y con ayuda de varias webs [all whistling songs, kodam, sofá sonoro] nos ha quedado una lista de Spotify de canciones con silbidos de todos los tiempos (pronto también en Grooveshark), creo, bastante decente. Desde silbidos de película hasta hits de todos los colores... ¡Espero que os guste!

After a little rest, we're back with a list plenty of whistlin'. It's not just booing, even though I deserve that... it's also an excuse to feature for the very first time here the song of the summer...

Foster The People's  "Pumped up kicks" was released during the last year and arrived in our hands via Blalock in one of those  great infinite lists where we also have taken  "Leaving Everywhere" by Toro y Moi, DOM's "Living in America", "Heart to tell" by The Love Language or Faded Paper Figures's "Invent it all again"... fair enough! It included "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire or  The Pains of Being Pure at Heart's "Say no to love" among others...

I remember having an argument with Kairi about "Pumped up kicks". I thought it was acceptable, even though a little boring and reminded me for bad of  "Dancing in the moonlight", which I actually loved... in the past. Kairi insisted it was a tune.

It turns out, surprisingly for me, that the song starts being featured in all these year's lists of indie and alternative summer songs, blogs, social networks, I heard it even on a typical Spanish bar in Barcelona downtown... It's official: Foster The People's "Pumped Up Kicks" is the summer song of 2011.

Same old story. Like last year and "Let's go surfing", the song gets to the cenit a year later. More coincidences? A catchy whistle that hooks everyone.

We've done something different for a change and have compiled an all-time list of songs with whistles (that's an Spotify list, you can also check out on the top the Grooveshark list) with the help of several websites  [all whistling songskodamsofá sonoro]. There's from movie whistles to any kind of whistle-hits... Hope you like it!

3 comentarios:

  1. I agree Pumped up kicks is very catchty but I've heard it too much also there are so much better songs on the album, it's just brilliant such as Houdini and Helena Beat!

  2. :D Real fans are getting tired of it! It already got to the point where it's being played on mainstream radios over here. We are always late, you know ;)

  3. Haha I hope they start getting some new material out but I've been lucky enough to see them this year at a festival before they got big in the summer, really great vibes! Also post more blogs, need more new music :D