Little Comets - One night in October

Se fue septiembre, pero siempre podréis volver a disfrutarlo en las listas de Spotify y Grooveshark.

No os preocupéis por el mes que viene porque estoy seguro no empezará con Guns N' Roses...

September is gone, but you'll always have the chance to enjoy it on the Spotify and Grooveshark playlists. Don't worry about the next month because I'm sure it won't start with Guns N'Roses...

3 comentarios:

  1. I thought Little Comets kind of died after there debut album, I loved it but they seemed to go a but quiet after the hype, Joanna and British Isles are the standout tracks for me.

  2. :D yeah me too! Just re-found them some months ago in one of those Spotify playlists and I was like.. oh those Little Comets?

  3. I've been listening to them a bit more since I read this post :p I really would like to see them live but haven't checked to see if there touring, what songs are your favourite?