1990: Spiritualized / Ride

Esta mañana me despertaba escuchando el primer disco de Ride. A la tarde el Festival Primavera Sound anuncia a Spiritualized en su cartel. Estamos en los 90.

Se ve, se siente. El revival 90s está aquí desde hace un tiempo. El fenómeno revival es digno de estudio y parece que se aplica a los 20 años después de que una corriente irrumpa. Hoy podemos ver a jóvenes imberbes en camisas de leñador, escuchar a nostálgicos desesperados porque My Bloody Valentine publiquen "Loveless" remasterizado, leer que grupos como Mazzy Star, Red Hot Chili Peppers o The Stone Roses se encuentran de gira o que reivindiquen el "Screamadelica" como We Are Standard en su nuevo EP.

Así que este sábado me hice mi propio viaje en el tiempo y puse el Peelplayer. Esta maravilla contiene casi todas las canciones de los "Festive Fifty", o sea los top50 de los oyentes del programa de John Peel en la BBC hasta su fallecimiento en 2004  y me coloqué en 1990: Pixies, Deee-Lite, The Orb, The Sundays, Dinosaur Jr, The Lemonheads, Ride, MBV... Grandes. Y quedé prendando al descubrir esta melodía. ¡Ah! pero.. ¿¿y esta guitarra?? suena igual que "Wild Thing"... Claro, era una versión de Spiritualized de un tema de The Troggs con un riff calcado...pero qué temazo!

Spiritualized - Anyway that you want me

I woke up this morning listening to Ride's first album. On the afternoon Primavera Sound Festival anounced  Spiritualized as part of their line-up. We are on the 90s.

You can see it, you can feel it. The 90s revival is here for a while. Revivals are a funny case-study. It seems they got to happen 20 years after a trend pops up. Today we can see young lads on their woodcutter shirts, listen to desperate + nostalgic people waiting for My Bloody Valentine to edit "Loveless (remastered)", read about bands such Mazzy Star, Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Stone Roses are on tour and others recalling "Screamadelica" like We Are Standard on their new EP.

So last Saturday I had my own trip on time by turning on the Peelplayer. This wonder has almost every song on the "Festive Fifty", the John Peel's BBC show's listeners top50s until his death in 2004 so I set myself up on 1990: Pixies, Deee-Lite, The Orb, The Sundays, Dinosaur Jr, The Lemonheads, Ride, MBV.. Great. And I got charmed by this melody...Oh! but... that guitar?? It sounds exactly the same as "Wild Thing"... Of course it was Spiritualized's cover of a tune by The Troggs containing the same riff ...what a tune!

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  1. Nostalgia trip!! Really great post and got to love the Pixes! Also Wild Thing is such a classic! Have a good weekend.

  2. Thank you! Of course! My favourite band here, although nothing beats "Doolittle" for me and this era was a bit complicated with Jack and Kim conflicting...

    By the way I recently finally watched their documentary "loudQUIETloud: a film about the Pixies". Have you?? Very exciting and lots of live performances on it. I was really surprised with the way they interact with each other.. well ahhh no spoilers!

  3. Haha Doolittle is brilliant but I agree it was odd.

    It sounds bad but I haven't actually heard much about the documentary, is it worth watching? Is the footage decent? Ahh don't spoil it for me haha!!

  4. haha yeah! 7.1 on imdb, it must be good! But really, it's worth it. It's recorded just after their reunion in 2006, so most of the footage is from that time, but it also explains the story of the band. Check it out!