A day in the basement

Today, like in a hack meeting, there was an assembling of computers in my room, Little Italy, and everyone was putting music while working.
Willy was pushing some Queens of the stone age, while i was still a lot into some totally nordic made track by Sigur Ros and suddendly i was awaken from my computer trance by Crocoman's choice.
Sorry but i have to steal it...
I wasn't listening to nothing from them since Red alert and Where's your head at?
They are Basement Jaxx and this is my choice for today

Song of the day : Adele- Cold Shoulder (Basement Jaxx remix)
Ok it's not their song, but the remix has definitely their strong mark.
Great rhytm, perfect for today's mood.
enjoy it.
Yours always,

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  1. maaan put again the song of sigur ros, the link is broken... well youtube removed the video... kisses