F**kin no sleep night

I wish i was doing something else, instead I'm here working on f**kin project for my f**kin last course. (loser!)
However it's my f**kin last night of work!!
anger is gone and so I'm listening to some Swedish "pussies music" (citation from Lucas 3,14) while working.
It's awesome to see the sun rising, or better to see the non really darkness becoming brighter at 2 30...and realize that you are f**ked because it's already tomorrow..
O Berna..I'm going crazy too..
It seems like you never end the day..it's like a loop..24h day..
However cutting the crap..
Tonight my working skills incremented so much due to a discover (now you are asking why if i had to work I'm writing this post...well it's the same question I'm making myself and it has no clear answer so far..) you definitely have heard him in this electro pop success with Robyn, With every heartbeat.
Kleerup is a swedish "artist" (dj, singer..i have no idea) that wasn't so far in any of my playlist, but tonight man..you made it.

The song of this everlasting day is: Kleerup ft. Lykke Li - Until We Bleed
I started liking Lykke Li and this electro touch is very smooth and definitely working.
Check out some other stuff like Chords and Thank you for nothing.

It's always a pleasure to share all this with you music addicts,
Stay fresh! yo!

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