Lasted too long

Having signed up for this flabbergasting blog sometime ago, it has become long overdue that I get out of the shadow and say something. However, before doing so, I should post a warning about my feeble mental health, for which I am not responsible - gosh, it's night at 10PM and day at 3AM?! Any coherence in my words is therefore pure coincidence.

Let me begin with #41 where sometimes Dave is joined by Tom alone (I can testify that). I could then go back to #07 but lately a song has been in my head : "The Build Up" by Kings of Convenience. There's a feeling of disappointment and indecision in both the melody and the lyrics that I find enticing. And then, the Princess of Convenience makes it even better.

Switching to a nationalist mood, here are a couple of songs from Portugal
which doesn't mean I'm homesick. ( warning: best video ever - or maybe not :o )

Me, I'm also different in musical taste. But as Leon said, our differences just make this experience better.
Must... go... back... to... work... peace!

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