Primavera, can go and please don't go

Yeah yeah yeah, two weeks later I finish my review about Primavera Sound, how lazy I am.
Anyway I think I can say some things so you don't miss at all when going to a concert expecting more of what some artists can be.

I'll start with go if you like them, which bands are here, all those about I expected more or less and they gave me just what I expected of them.
It means that while Porstishead was ok since I don't care too much about them I don't listen them at my home altough I like some of their songs, my friend (who came with me) likes them and he really enjoyed that live (one of his favourite concerts) , I enjoyed very much Menomena concert because I knew all their songs and they played really good, but not as good as to say that I expected less from them and I would be angry if they did it worse. By the way there were more artists who did pretty good and I enjoyed their lives: Silver Jews, he threw t-shirts to public, he was the only one who did it, Cat Power with a very good musicians as companions, well I have to say I don't like her songs too much, I think they are all the same, but her live is very good, I enjoyed it and if you are a fan you'd get mad :)

Let's start with things I advice you not to go, and my reasons:
First let's start with all those bands that for me have a lack of spirit, all those bands that without heard anything before you go to their live it already sounds as if you already heard all their discography, just because they just sound like another well-known band that you already heard, most of them to Franz Ferdinand, but with the lack of fresh and originality the well-known band has (or had, fuck Interpol last album), most of them built by the major labels to sell as much copies as they can and their songs are made just to rip off other band so they don't have any "heart" at all, and although most of the people maybe don't notice it I assure you I do, specially when they play just like if the are working, to who did you sell your souls, guys?. If I want to listen Bloc Party I listen Bloc Party, these bands were: British Sea Power, Vampire Weekend and The Rumble Strips

Besides the ones I said before, please, don't go to: Scout Niblett, maybe the worst live I've seen in a lot of time, it was weird how their singer played guitar and how much holes exist in their performance, Health, I don't really understand what's the point of this band maybe someone finds it and MGMT, their absolute power lack and poor performance, as well as their short possibilities playing instruments stunned me, I really expected much more from them, I like some of their songs, but they weren't more than a bunch of kids fooling around with a slogan in their face saying like: "Hey! Look at me, how cool I am touring with a band and fucking with nice girls", this is ok as long as you play quite good and they didn't, they finished singing Kids like in a karaoke, really weird for that song and public.

Well that's all, I expect not to offend anyone they are just my opinions.

To end two great videos: Invasion and Explosions
Sorry for sound quality but all them are from Primavera lives.

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  1. I liked Menomena's song... and i loved the video!! I definitely pick explosions in the sky and kinski,
    thx for the review