The start of the week (and the end of the last one)

My iTunes was pretty fanciful today and after I did skip some tracks, it came to this:
Song of the day (Flashback): Pulp - Monday morning
One of the gems of 1995's classic "Different Class" by Pulp.
I think this week is gonna be quite busy. It should be if I don't want to be cut in my legs by my teacher...
Last Saturday we checked the action in Stockholm, but we forgot our camera at home... You know, maybe not the most responsible reporters were in that event, but at least we can say we lived it... and it was great ;)
So, summary: children, Sahara HOTnights, beer, football, families, great Queens of the stone age, and the best.. The Hives. More details, coming up...
Kanelbulle is waiting now for me in the oven, so I gotta go!

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  1. laura contini16/6/08 17:30

    how it was mando diao concert?? ^

  2. mm.. not as good as I expected! They slowed down a bit some of their best songs and the ambience was still a bit cold (they played at 18h). Thanks for your visit! ;)