What was Primavera Sound?

I know that it had happen two weeks ago, but I was busy so I couldn't write down what I learned at Primavera Sound, so I'm doing it, right now...
I have to say that there wasn't too much people so I could see all concerts from a really good position and very comfortable :D. I'm going to put all concerts I've seen in try categories: "go if you can, at any cost", "go if you like or if you have nothing else to do" and "avoid it if you can". And listed from better to worse in each category and I'll do it in different posts since there is a lot of info to explain.

"go if you can, at any cost"
And the Oscar goes to The Go! Team, I already like them before go to their live and I have to recognize that I was kinda afraid that they wouldn't sound as good as in CD, not only they showed they play as good as on the studio but even with more vitality (well, I may say that's normal on live), no one could refuse to jump with 'em playing along hit after hit. They finished with a new song and the result was that I'll have to check out next EP/LP.

Second in my opinion were Explosions in the sky, they were as good as I expected and I was somehow melted in a trace while they were playing their long themes all along. Who wonders what happened if they played on the Auditorium? I would pay a lot of money for that.

Bon Iver played on the Auditorium and I was impressed so much for his powerful lyrics-voice, maybe one of the best lives I've seen lately, really good musicians playing along a really good arranged music, at the end he came out and talked to those who wanted to talk with him.

Enon, it reminded me somehow to Sonic Youth playing some a little bit faster, lot of power spent to make me feel some nice noise, really good trio with boy and girl voice turning in the songs.

Holy Fuck, for those who like to party as much as me, if these guys stops near to your city go dance with 'em. Their concert finished with all public jumping and a stage invasion, it was their last song fault (song of the festival, like "we are your friends" past year ;) ): Lovely Allen

Kinski and Dinosaur Jr. 1 2 3(videos from Primavera Sound concert) both of them in that rock that walks in the middle of 80's and 90's Rock metamorphosis, Kinski maybe little bit more powerful in their riffs that made people remember old times in the pit (oh! my dear 18's), of course J.Mascis did an 8minutes perfect solo to demo that he is god playing guitar.

Russian Red, she sings as good as in studio and I think this is enough to give her a try and go to her live if you can, I assure you that you won't regret it.

See you soon space cowboys...

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