The Action Is Here

I got back from university and I only felt like posting... And also like an idiot for being part of the minority that is still working indoors while the amazing Swedish summer goes by!
But well well well!! Where is the action this weekend?? Yeah, that's right: W.T.A.I, the answer couldn't be other. Stora skuggan, stora banden. I already got my ticket, and the heaven looks like this:
Queens of the stone age (plz check out this video) (dead link)
The Hellacopters
The Hives
Dirty pretty things
Mando Diao
Foo Fighters
And MANY more...

Song of the day: "The widow" from The Mars Volta (a mainstream song, ezy)
oooooooooooooooooWanna learn more? click here for more action.

Second song of the day (cause hey, one is not enough): "Where is my mind?" from Pixies

... a little worried that this dream will soon be over... i'm having the time of my life!

Well boys, B GOOD!

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