This is one of these words we used to hear over here. I miss somehow that slang we had, amongst other things you know :P but I don't wanna turn this blog into this...
So... Random is also a good way to discover that music that didn't turn you on at first listen but remains lost somewhere over your messy file folders. I bet you are one of those who download more than listen... so am I...

Random Song: Dirty Pretty Things - The North

By the way, I could finally get the Hästpojken's album that I couldn't find in months! The band is formed by Bad Cash Quartet's ex-singer and one of Broder Daniel's guitars. For those who like blood and sensacionalist newspapers, another Broder Daniel's guitar made suicide a couple of months ago... Ah! and the drummer-bassist was the Swedish-favourite Håkan Hellström
Cool and grey sky, is there a perfect day for work?

P.S.: I would really like to thank again all the people that come to Babasonic last Wednesday. It was massive! I just cannot imagine how big it could have been if this had happened about 2 months ago... Did I say that I love you all? ;)

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