One Traffic week in Turin

The first week of July in Turin is definitely the week you should be visiting the city...
Sun is shining, most of the people are on holidays, every night there's a party and there's the Traffic free festival!!!
In many years this pretty small festival grew bigger due to the factr that basically is totally free...
The names during these years were definitely cool: Aphex Twin, Bright eyes, Gogol Bordello, Franz Ferdinand, The strokes, Manu Chao, Lcd Soundsystem, Lou reed, Iggy Pop and The Stooges and many more..
Last year was definitely incredible with the Daft Punk Alive show..for free as usual with around 100 000 dancing crazy people...
However this year wasn't too ba either..
I started monday with a crazy cool event hosted in the Milan's old arena (because milano is too jealous of our festival!!!) with our beloved Justice...that as usual rocked the party..
The other group playin monday is a new sperimental group from Torino: Lnrypley
a side project from italianly known groups (Subsonica, Motel connection and Rollers inc.), a cool combination of rock and drum and bass played live and loud with Mc Victor singing (a friend..).

Thursday was another good day with the live of Soulwax and the dj set of 2 many djs with in the middle a not very interesting (in my opinion) performance by Tricky.
Probably i was too much into electro that night...
sorry for the video quality but at least the sound is reasonable..

it was the punk revival day with 70 000 bouncing heads...the return of Sex Pistols wasn't that incredible but people just got crazy..both remebering there past or worshipping their myths..a clash of old school punk junkies and new 15 year old emo/punk..a mess..
Anarchy in Turin!!

After the punk was again dead after friday the situation radically changed with a double event a first quiet concert with Patty Smith and Afterhours (a pretty interesting indie-rock italian band) to continue after with a definitely electronic night inside the Olympic sport palace.
Hercules and the love affair started in a great venue enlighten by laser and visual by Sanch and then the heavy dj sets by Alter ego (you remember this for sure..Rocker) and Matthew Dear.

Well today is sunday and unfortunately but fortunately for my health this week is finished.
Every night was an afterparty @ Giancarlo a place that if you'll come to Torino you definitely have to look for...
So now you know when to visit me i think...

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