What's the point ? What's the point ? What's the point ?

yeah! holidays! Time is running so fast since I came back here, so it can't be so terrible. You can't imagine how hot was in here when I just came back a couple of weeks ago...
It's hard to be here again, you know... all these differences do not make me look on the bright side: e.g. living in the dirty loud suburbs with your family is not the same than living in almost the center of Stockholm with lot of friends separated by just one door, floor,... I can't have the same life I had there nor before, even though it seems nothing has changed at all in half a year. It is this hate-love feeling again. I trust in Crocoman for a change.
I had time to finish my new essential mix, and update myspace just a little bit. New dates (surprising ones.. you will see..) and mixes coming up as usual!
Song of the weekend - The Young Knives - Up all night
So, I will choose this tune, for some of you will sound like a same old same old... yeah probably, maybe that describes a lot. Heard it on thursday on the beloved-hated Razzmatazz, where we could also see american fellows Ratatat, performing their tracks. I loved the guitar player devotion turning her body backwards and looking at the sky during the riffs. For some moments I felt like I was in a heavy metal concert... :) Cut Copy were spinning in another room, not the best place for them...
Ok! So hope you had a good time! Keep on posting please! Don't let this die!
Lots of love


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