Back to LIFE

My absence has not been in vain... i've been accumulating wisdom for my posts, hope you've been doing the same,huh? ;). I have been resting and i feel good!
Tomorrow is my birthday, and this post is my present. First of all, thanks to jose (spanish glory)
for his first post and congrats! i wonder what's next

Since they are going to release an album soon, i'd like to dedicate today's song to Kings of Leon.
Great rock (of course) with a peculiar voice. I really like their album Aha Shake Heartbreak, check it out guys, worth it.

And for dessert, smth a bit harder, but still good, Coheed and Cambria.

Gossip: our friend and child-rapist MJ is also about to release an album!! Tremble kids! haha

Don't let this die boys! gotta go!

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  1. haha joselito!!! So fresh so clean! mm.. maybe not :P