Flight of the Conchords -TV series

There are two series that got me right now: one is the.. legen... Wait for it!... dary! How I Met Your Mother, for those who didn't know it yet, it is so-called the new Friends. The other one is a bit more "underground" and it is called Flight Of The Conchords. Our beloved Zé "Panzão" (abraço!) discovered to me this piece of gold, that tells the story about two, typical nerds, losers... whatever you call it, from New Zealand.. and I've got nothing against newzealanders, I actually love you guys! it's just that these ones are particulary like that.
Why am I talking about series in this blog? Easy! FOTC funny stories tell about these guys trying to success (and survive) in NY city as a music band with the help of their horrible manager, their one and only fan (I meant groupie), and their American friend. The typical nerd issues such as (never) getting girls, their quirky habits and especially the music, with at least two stupid but great videoclips per episode, are the driving force of this jewel.
Get it now if you didn't do it yet! You won't regret! Get ready for big laughs and become a new fan of them, it's just a question of time... By the way! one of them, Jemaine has a really funny movie as well, Eagle vs. Shark.
Big up for the nerds!

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  1. hahahaha
    me partido la caja... i did know them but i forgot, check this one out:


    thanks for the laughter!

  2. haha! nice one too!
    I just wanted to show a short demo ;) But I really think it's worth to watch the whole episodes.
    Don't forget about this! :)