Basics Vol. II

a fresh BAND.

Some say the soul of Jimi is still alive... and this might be a part of it. Blues is back, and it rocks

a fresh GUY.

I personally love the song ZERO MACHINE, a nice version of the Smashing Pumpkins'

a neat TOOL.

Need an invite to get in... so haven't checked it as i'd like to... but seems to be the ultimate invention for the music world. far better than last.fm or deezer

I still love you,

7 comentarios:

  1. Spotify is indeed amazing. I've got a few invitations left. I'll see what I can do!

  2. Anónimo4/1/09 22:50

    so you got some invites... did i already tell you how pretty you look today?

  3. So Mr, still interested? I'll get an e-mail addess, you'll have Spotify!

  4. Anónimo14/1/09 1:27

    jag har redan fått min invite,tack snälla du! jag skulle vilja ha din playlist iaf, kan du skicka den till mig?

  5. i'm interested too! do you have other invites?

  6. To Mr Léon: Aha, I understand. Jag har mest cruisat omkring än så länge, funnit inspiration och härliga toner, och har därför inte skapat min egen playlist, men så fort jag gjort det så!

    To Ribo: Of course my horse! But you better hurry!

  7. my mail is rebs_amn@hotmail.com
    tack sa mycket!
    (my swedish starts to suck badly...)