Essential listening!

Greetings again!

As Nina well said 2008 is coming to the end and it's time for lists and eating like pigs, smile to each other while singing songs about virgins and throwing snowballs on each other's face. Unfortunately, we never have snow.

So I will leave apart this "list thing" for the new mix ;) But I would like you to help me with this cause my memory is not neverending :P I also agree that Australia's been a real "fábrica de churros", but we can't forget about our second land Sverige, Frech electro kings or obviously the UK ;)

I would like you to introduce 4 bands-artists present on my new Essential Mix (thanks for feedback!!) that are the soundtrack of my last month as well and they released albums this year.

We'll start from the end where we find "I have to go" from The Draytones, an interesting Argentinian-English garage band with 60s reminiscences capable of creating great songs. In a similar vein, just after the killer remix from MGMT it comes Little Joy, superband formed by The Strokes drummer +girlfriend, and brazilians Los Hermanos' singer. They've released their first album just a month ago, a work full of quiet songs, a sweet ode for the summer. Worth the check too!

Moving a bit into the electronic part, we find Metronomy . They are a blend of the 80s sound, let's say Tom Tom Club meets synth, add to it some Hot chip and a bit of the Klaxons falsettos and.. yeah! why not? Ratatat on the guitars and samples. Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes fun, melancholy takes part too in this child's play. In my opinion they have a great start of the album that comes to get more weird (if possible) and indigestible after the second half.

And... nasty Carmen Castro comes (cums?) right now to spit dirty rhymes on Mr. Oizo's new world "Lambs Anger". The album shows a more accesible and danceable side of the parisian character meaning for some "a breath of fresh air" for the (not anymore?) supposed to be stuck Ed Banger. Fuck the critics!

Interplanetaaaryyy... interplanetaarryy... interplanetaryy music!

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