Il genio indie

I think that also non-Latin speakers will understand the meaning of the word "genio" (genius by the way)...
in Italy nowadays il genio means indiepop mass hit...
They are a sperimental duo coming from Salento (deep south Puglia), where mainly weed, mandolino and reggaeton dancehall comes from, but they definitely remind of French '60s...
the song i suggest, that is also the single they went out with is:
They sound great...60's beat with a touch of electronic..warm voice..and the text well.. I will just translate the first part for you all:
"You..You are so naughty with me because you wake up at 3 to watch some porno movies..
You..you are so naughty with me because you look at me like i was a porno star..."
well that's why it became a hit in Italy..

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  1. mm porno.. lovelie! :) I like that you show the Italian stuff! You know here we suck so badly.. :D

  2. Anónimo9/1/09 20:51

    i'm sorry but croco is so wrong... spain rocks in music. how could you otherwise explain this: