Covered! A post about covers, versions, tributes, whatever you call it.. (part 1)

Yesterday "Rewind 2" the new project from Barcelona-based Buffetlibre DJ's got released. This project gives the chance to indie artists such as The Ruby Suns, Little Boots, Sidechains, Good books, Au Revoir Simone, Divison Day, We Have Band, etc etc, to cover/remix songs from mainly 80s and 90s. Favourite tracks so far on my first trip are "I wanna sex you up" version from Charlie Ash and great soul-rock number "Shout to the top!" by Robbers on High Street, a band I discovered last week thanks to the hilarious Wedding Crashers. Take the trip!
And tripping and tripping as a fucking hippy you could back to the 60s and listen to moog pioneer Jean Jacques Perrey, lately popularized by Tarantino in Al Hirt's version that is actually a piece created by Russian classic musician Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov... breathe
You could turn on TV now and watch an H&M commercial, followed by that lovely one from VW, or that creepy one with some music from Marilyn Manson on it. Marilyn Manson? and also of course, some corn flakes or sanitary towels..
I'd rather turn on the radio and isn't it...? yeah it is.. crazy? krazy!?¡!¿
Let's go to the club, and there's Whomadewho on the stage. We move to the other room and now Soulwax are covering themselves.. Am I dreaming or nothing is that original..

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  1. Anónimo9/1/09 22:12

    That is a great cover from Charlie Ash!