Surfing mental masturbation

Summer is coming...and so i start masturbating my mind watching some surf movies...
and i ran into this masterpiece by Taylor Steele, Stranger than fiction and the playlist it's just legend.......ary!
so cutting the crap here it comes a selection of some old tunes some new ones but definitely my new playlist on itunes:
No comments about this one
Not the most listened Digitalism single, but worth all the 3 mins and 29 secs
Remebering the Berns concert...
an other British product...
from 1981 with a "fresh tune"...
some slightly punk-rockish by the second best thing of Brazil after, well, the first...
so down under!
a great meeting..
hoowever i like more the Mstrkrft remix..
i love NY...
I cann't stop listening to this i dunno..it's addictive!

keep surfing music and waves!

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  1. great stuuff!! :) man! Fresh stuff is tuned! Just yesterday I re-found and enjoyed that Digitalism's track and listened to ELO too haha They rock!! No comment for c-l-a-s-s-i-c nazi surfs must die :D