Can you stay up for the weekend?

Still planning what Fresh Stuff is going to become in some days, can't wait for the final outcome! Meanwhile, we still work, research and research ;)

Finally new Calvin Harris is official! He's the man! A big dance tune, some say summer song for this year, but what it is clear is that he drove himself into a new more mainstream direction. I like it anyway! Do you?

By the way, these days I'm digging into these not so old mp3 cd's of mine and re-discovering treasures such as The Flaming Lips. If you ever have the chance to watch them alive, please do it! Their shows are simply amazing. They make you feel again like when you were a little child watching the Thundercats enjoying a Nocilla (Nutella) Bimbo sandwich. I can recall it...

More fresh stuff! From Madrid The Right Ons bring us the funk, and the soul and the rock and they do it quite well even though they're from... And if you still feel hungry and want to travel to our second land, The (International) Noise Conspiracy with "The Cross Of My Calling" (Burning heart / 2008) guarantee to make you rock.

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