Fixed bikes on the radio

Fixed with the fixed!
the sickness is coming..everywhere people are starting to turn they old bikes into fixed..
pastel colors..old school bikes hat..and so on..i mean if this has arrived in Torino it must be spread everywhere..
however i'm turning fixed my 80's road bike in these days!
Well the point is not this but that i found a pretty cool video with a soundtrack that just punched me istantly...
This is the video if you wanna see some Fixed bike tricks.
The song i'm fixed with today is:

it's a song from the second album of this brooklyn based band...
check the website by the way! they are weird...

Ribo is Back in bizness..

3 comentarios:

  1. haha man!! that is funny! Telepathy on the radio!
    Yesterday we were in a bar, and the DJ played that song and I was like "This song is brilliant! hey Jordi! what's the name of the song?! I heard it so many times but.. shit I don't know what is it.." (this only happens about 1-2 times per year).
    So! TV on the Radio - Wolf like me is definitely the song of the week!

  2. and we talked about fixing bikes before too haha