Ever passed by a busker in a hurry and didn't even care? I'm talking about those guys playing in the streets, in front of a moving audience.
Come on, I'm sure you did. Even if you love music, even if you think you're open minded and creative and so on, it surely did happen once.
But sometimes it's possible to experience another sensation: once you stop and listen, you can't actually move away any more. It's a kind of spell, or just a worry that as you leave, he might play something amazing... and you might miss that.

Sometimes you are not in a hurry for a meeting or whatsoever, you're there to listen, your ears fully open to any kind of music. And the only reason you want to move away from an artist you really like, is the fact that there could be another one playing round the corner.

Ok, introduction is over! I wish I could give you an idea of the atmosphere of Buskers Festival, in Ferrara, but I can only tell you who are the artists I stopped for - sometimes for a really long time!

Amarins & Le Gatte Negre, from Amsterdam, joyful and melancholic, funny and poetic.

Juzzie Smith, australian, you just want to move and follow the rhythm.

And weird fascinating Hosoo Transmongolia: I never heard anything like that before.. I mean, in the beginning I didn't understand where that kind of whistling sound was coming from, then I realized someone was actually singing. This music makes me want to stop and relax and make up tales about those far countries... or leave for a long long journey.
I know this is probably different from any kind of music you normally like or are used to. But it won't be a waste of time, I promise.

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  1. Really interesting Clod! That festival was here a couple of weeks ago but somehow I missed it, too much time in the clubs...
    And speaking of buskers, I'm sure most of you've seen it already but you should watch the movie "Once" ;)