What summer has left to us

One month late, great. They say good things await, right?
Well, we still have the summer-daylight saving time for few days, but the truth is that summer's gone on this side of the planet.

Looking back, it's been another great summer. It all started for me the day that Barça won the Champions League, same day I ended up my degree... isn't that cool? Beaching consequently, partying all the time and receiving really nice visits. Italians conquered the city again and this time we enjoyed it. Bloody hell! I didn't upload any of the videos where you could see Pietro and his friend doing their thing... you can imagine...Even Valencians were also well received here, and you know, we are finally kind people... We've got to visit Tomás and Willy soon! and in Fallas too? Still early,"Maybe attending".

Didn't we tell you what you missed not going to Torino Traffic Festival this year?? Aperitivo italiano, beautiful girls, kings of sarcasm, 8€ both ways flights, Puddhu, anthems and of course, southern hospitality. Simo! No Champions scabies League for me by the way! ;)

Got time to discover thanks to Zé Manel the funky French combo General Elektriks while having tapas on a terrace with Raquel and himself, no matter what the time was; pleasure. And Charlie learnt some Spanish. What is more useful than saying loudly "ostia-puta"at the end of a night clubbing session in Barcelona? What did you others do instead?

Let's keep it sharing it! I am sure I forget to mention a lot of amazing things that happened during those barbecue parties with ipod-youtube djing, amateur salsa dancers and ice cube games, on that posh club management with kissing vouchers and unlimited drinks, or the Swedes re-discovering, and wow, the keep-it-Erasmus thing.. but... that's another story...

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