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Not that I wanna be Snoop Doggy Dogg again. It's just the chorus for new Tensta's finest and Pato Pooh release, a pure homage to our generation videogames, a time in which it all seemed to be about the graphics, when you could spent part of your life savings on one game and play it for monts, ahh, and the most important, no "Loading..." screens...

Can't wait for the weekend to begin! If you are lucky to be here, you should be aware Ed Banger crew is coming to town! Some will say "hey man, Ed Banger is so 2007". Fuck Off. Truth is that the last releases don't shine as much as the first ones and they just leak singles every 2-3 months, but I think we should be patient. It is still a really young label and I believe Justice, Sebastian, Mehdi and company still have great things to offer. Didn't you rave with Mr. Oizo during this year?

I am sure we will enjoy tomorrow then DSL, So Me, the boss Busy P and especially their newest sign, Breakbot. With funky delicious remixes for the likes of PNAU and Röyksopp, he seems to be the new pearl to keep an eye on and even though I am not diggin' quite a lot his new stuff, his sets make you shake your booty down to the ground. Time to remember the label hits and discover what's being cooked. Okey, now begin

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