Truth is topics like this can’t be discussed from a male-position without sounding sixest (sorry for the kiwi misspelling) but I feel like I wanna do something special for all the ladies in the world.

I’ve got something for you too, boys, don’t you worry. If you are one of those that after listening La Roux, Little Boots, The Golden Filter, and so on… ended up like meh, this is so girlie… here it is your post, because girls can rock. Stricken City and French cuties Plastiscines, are my two new favourite girl bands. Being released their first and second album respectively, they aren’t going to revolutionize rock music world, but I am sure they will cheer up a couple of awakenings and make wet some indie dance floors.

Female angel voices sound beautifully as well in Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse (and David Lynch) first album. A set of relaxed songs, including the blond and Swedish Nina Persson (The Cardigans) and a simply irresistible tune by Suzanne Vega.

To conclude, I’ll leave you with Lee Fields & The Expressions bringing you that 70’s “why do they call it love when they mean sex” feel that we hadn’t heard in a while. Let’s get it on baby!

Lee Fields & The Expressions - Ladies (video link)

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