New blood

I am quite happy to live this new Fresh Stuff era, the age of aquarius. As Kairi stated, 2009 is (almost) over, so it is time to compile and analyze what this year has left to us.

"Dark Was The Night" compilation seems to be in everyone's top albums list. The formula is simple yet effective: gather the most critically acclaimed indie-folk-ish bands and artists for this year such as Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors or the omnipresent Conor Oberst together with the past years' - Beirut, Cat Power or José Gonzalez to mention a few. The result, Pitchfork fans happy for a while and here a cracking tune.

P.S. How cool a shopping mall musical thread may be when they play Scenario Rock! I almost breakdance to it.. I'm so lucky lucky

Sufjan Stevens - You are the blood (video link)

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  1. This original song is on my top list of folk music .. you are the blood by castanets.