Let there be Justice

Few hours to go for tonight's Justice show in Stockholm, here I am in my department doing nothing as usual...

Justice, as you must know, became popular after releasing back in 2003 a remix for Simian's (yes, Willy's phone ringtone there hehe) "Never be alone", even though the track has been re-released and re-played for years... we still enjoy it! If you do not, then it is not my problem :P

By the way, Simian split up and 2 of them formed Simian Mobile Disco and the singer joined The Wiseguys' DJ Touche to form The Black Ghosts.

So, coming back to Justice, I'll pay (as the groupie I am) a small homage to them posting some of their videos:

Justice - D.A.N.C.E.
One of the best of 2007.

Justice - DVNO
Second single, now with vocals from Scenario Rock's singer, great video for a great song again.

Justice - Phantom pt. 1
Freak video, for one of of the best songs of "Cross".

Justice - Phantom pt. 2
Probably my favorite song, who said second parts are never better?

Justice - Stress
New Single, polemic video in the vein of The Warriors or The Clockwork Orange...
A creepy remix for Stress, is also featured on the new compilation "Ed rec vol. 3" from their label Ed Banger Records . "To protect and entertain" from Busy P featuring the American mc Murs is besides this one, the other track I enjoyed most. It reminds me to that abstract hip-hop Def Jux sound.

Justice Remixes:
Daft Punk - Human After All (Justice Remix)
Klaxons - As above, so below (Justice Remix)
Mystery Jets - You can't fool me Dennis (Justice remix)
ZZT - Lower state of conscioussness (Justice Remix)
Justice - D.A.N.C.E. (Mstrkrft Remix)

Enough? :)

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