2010 Best Songs (II)

If our first list of 2010 featured a bunch of straight tunes, Elena's picks of the year show our other side. Digging a bit more on the underground and traveling over the paths of new electronic, from post-dubstep's darkness to sunny chillwave. Not forgetting though indie-rock delicatessens and girl-power bits, this is her huge list. We only asked you for 25 songs! :P



  • Faded Paper Figures "Invent it all"

  • I Am Oak "On trees and birds and fire"

  • Panda Bear "You can count on me"

  • Craft spells "Party talk"

  • Glasser "Home"

  • Teen Daze and Jaded Hipster Choir "Low Glow"

  • Jamie xx "Far nearer"

  • Houses "Soak it up"

  • Blackbird Blackbird "Summer heart"

  • Micah Smith and MirF "Touch"

  • Twin Sister "The other side of your face"

  • Air Waves "Bisous"

  • Best Coast "Boyfriend"

  • Darkstar "Aidy's girl is a computer"

  • Jai Paul "BTSTU"

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