People say life goes on, and yeah, I think they're right somehow...
Today it is midsommar over here, one of these holidays in Sweden to celebrate the coming of the summer. Although I should be working in my thesis, this is one of these days that you can't miss!
As you shouldn't miss the next suggestions... Weezer is back to business, and it seems they're back for good (I'm not gonna link Take That...). Their first single got released a couple of monts ago, and now the album is already on the stores. Great song to start an album:
Weezer - Troublemaker
Another great start, is new Ratatat's which is being on my mp3 this week as well, and climbing positions on my last.fm charts. Epic track, no beat, just music, a soundtrack-like tune.
Ratatat - Schiller
Now, one of those tunes we've been hearing lately in the clubs -choreography of dj playing the drums included- comes from megaband Machines Don't Care, in this case starring Hervé (a.k.a. The Count a.k.a. Voodoo Chili a.k.a...) & Sinden. So, for all you electro-haters you've been already warned, crazy stuff..
Machines Don't Care - Afrojacker
So, we've done some changes, added a links' section where you can post all those websites you think interesting and we also would like to encourage all that people who's watching behind and didn't write anything yet to do it! We don't want to monopolize the blog and we're eager to see their stuff, fresh stuff.
Have a great weekend! Love!

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