Heja Sverige!

Yeah! Still here, still discovering new stuff from this country and still lovin' it, Remember this ? ;)
It seems this is getting quiet for a moment. Two weeks ago Sia, last week hip-hop, and this one, something to chill again... (drums) And from Göteborg, Sweden we gladly present Air France:
Song of the week: Air France - Beach Party
And I still have some new stuff but you will have to wait for the new Essential Mix coming up next month ;)
By the way! Next Wednesday I'm playing in Babasonic for a little while! So I wanna see there the little bastards who are still here! :) Thanks Christoph!
Ha en trevlig helg!

3 comentarios:

  1. hahaha take a look at the music style from airfrance... POP TROPICAL!! "el pop más tropical!" (read with mexican accent)

    Well, boy, njut din kväll i Babasonic och rocka världen!

  2. haha siiiii! maaasss!! :)

  3. siiiiiiii!! porro grande!!

    btw, broken link bboy