Hommage, influence or plagiarism?

Great guys! Good job!

And now, for the next number, let me introduce the music leechers: those music creators, music rascals, music fans, friends of coincidence and the use of same chords and cadenza. We are going to avoid to talk about sampling or covering songs; Don't panic! we will leave this for another issue!

The idea of this post came to me a few months ago. Coldplay hit the charts worldwide with its single "Viva la Vida", but let us go back in time and remind you french lolita Alizeé Remember, right? ;) Several blogs around the net claimed Chris Martin's band copied her a song. Somebody even tried to do a mash-up that misteriously fits really well... Coincidence?

More or less at the same time dropped Estelle's second single and magically if you changed her starting lyrics by "well I guess it would be nice | if I could touch your body | I know not everybody'...s got a body like you" it would turn into this. Some said she paid homage to him. What if you try with this one too? I like'em all anyway! But, let's go a bit further, try to go to 1:02 in here and go like this "Oh but I.. need some time off... from that emotion.. time to pick my heart up off the floor" Interesting, huh? Far enough!

Now, what would happen if Mystery Jets would speed up an easy-tear ballad?
Another rock band, The Hoosiers, sounded at first interesting to me, but after some time I started to wonder where all those familiar melodies came from. They say they are fans of the work of Electric Light Orchestra, The Cure (oh really? , yes, really) amongst other bands, but I think they didn't mention The Turtles (why?) By the way, did you know I love bootlegs ? :)

So, is it just an English thing? No, no... David Bowie turns out to be one of the most respected and appreciated artists in contemporary pop music. His influence is clear in bands such as the mighty Arcade Fire (not a rip-off here). Swedes Moneybrother (ex-Monster singer) made their particular homage too by creating a new and amazing song. What about Americans? The Offspring aproached mainstream going back to the 60s and becoming the yankee Fantastic Four while Green Day did the same a few years later, now trying with Beatles' generation mates The Kinks. Am I already freaking out? Not yet...

Still in the 60's, 1966: a Spanish musician composed "Exorcismo", "a piece that sounds in 9 compasses exactly the same to "Thriller". BBC paid 2 million pesetas (12.000 euros) to make a documentary about it", Luixy its author says. In the same year, Motown's stars Diana Ross & The Supremes released "My world is empty without you". About 40 years later, The Coral remakes it and makes me think again... Why can't I just like "the original"? Just because I love them both. Love the music, one love.

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  1. The Offspring's video really looks like the beatles one... maybe you're refering to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqHkuHy39eA instead?

  2. exactly! It's already corrected. It was just a copy-paste error. Thanks for the comment anonymous! ;)