I'm in!

British music, oh British music!
I've soon spent three months living and working here in England, and I cannot say the music scene is disappointing. Some great tunes that follow for the time being are:
Furthermore, our dear friend José introduced to me Oceanian Ladyhawke, who's in fact playing here tomorrow night when I go back to Stockholm for a couple of days. I'll miss the opportunity to hear the music from her fabulous album, but I'll have a new chance on the 15th of November when Van She, The Presets + other Modular people are joining.
You are all, hereby, invited to London!

Contact me asap if you feel like coming here. (Tickets are 158 kr on Ryanair)
Take care all of you! Enjoy.


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  1. heej! brilliant! Love the one from Lightspeed Champion! Definitely, one of the tunes of the year for me.. Thanks for posting! :)