italian new scene vol.1

Hey yo!
it's been a while since i last posted...
i was lost in some no music period for a bit but now i heard her voice telling me: I want u back!
I finally ran into some new interesting stuff coming from my country..
The artist of today is a girl, caliente, from Naples..the kind of Italian girl you would like to meet..
however she's definitely a tough one..
Coming from a ver- active- in-the-90's antifascist group, 99 posse (listen to Quello che and Rigurgito antifascista, the latter is a typical strike song that every left sided young italian knows..), she transformed into something else..
Her name is Meg and her new album is called Psycodelice.
Distante is definitely the single of a experimental album that contains also some English songs..weird for an Italian..

new stuff is coming soon..i promise..

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