The sound of 2008

I remembered one of those hundreds freaky conversations about music we had in Stockholm, particulary one with Simone about “the sound of 2008”. Summarizing, that magic potion was a mix of rock with distorted electro, that kind of sound you could listen to on a cool indie bar or the dirtiest dancefloor.

One of those dancing days, we talked about that issue again. It was just after the massive session of Justice at Sturecompagniet (why there?!), and I remember we were actually really amazed :) Some would say we were dazed and confused... whatever...
I think this album comes to clear my point and brings that idea back to me:

Album of the Month: Late of the Pier - Fantasy Black Channel

The new Klaxons, Gary Numan revisited, 8-bit rock,... what is your label? Cool beans!

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