Some Garage and more

In my first entry to the blog I would like to show a band I have become fan recently Archers of Loaf. I think it's a kind of optimist garage or something like that. Never mind.

The author of crazy and his new one: Gnarls Barkley - Going On that sounds a little bit like Outkast - Hey Ya

Some of my favourites spanish bands that I haven't seen here: Pop-Rock a little bit stinky for many people, Los Planetas-Un buen día ; a post-hardcore, band Standstill- Cuando; and another repelent pop band, Lori Meyers.

To end Monster-Ex Factor, with this song I lost my mind once, but I've learnt and I behave better now.

Propellerheads- Bang On
RJD2 - 1976

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  1. Oh
    Archers of loaf, han cambiado bastante, enorme white trash heroes:

  2. vamos! Good start man! Keep it fresh!