...that's how I've been! Thanks Music I survived... thanks tons of notes I kept my girly/irrational/emotional side alive in a world of engineers!!!
And here I am, I finally join the music research team during the intermezzo between my graduation and my first job!

The swedish José González deserves some recognition: what's better than guitar & voice to let the inner thoughts out? It's unexplainable how simplicity can be so stunning sometimes. And this guy is the master of that magic. Listen how his voice is able to render Heartbeats (by The Knives) and Teardrop (by Massive Attack) - if the video of the original song was weird, well, look at this! Anyway... he'll cast some light and you'll be alright.

And now some tough women, starting with Emily Haines and the energetic Gold Guns Girls from the new Metric album, Fantasies (check it out!). And talking about Metric... ever listened to this "Monster Hospital" remix by MSTRKRFT? I love it.

But here's what lately surprised me most: I got to know Kaki King's music, she's an amazing artist. I'm never tired of listening to songs like Pull Me Out Alive (cool video) and instrumental tracks as well - Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers above all. Her technique with the acoustic guitar is terrific, sometimes unbelievable. And I bet she's even better live. I saw something similar at the concert of an italian guitarist, Giovanni Baglioni (@ italian people: he has nothing to do with his father Claudio!), inspired by Michael Hedges technique: his performance really got me!
And if you loved the soundtrack of the movie Into The Wild like I did, there's something more than Eddie Vedder's album: a score including pieces by... guess who?

But now, to get rid - for a while - of the thoughts that such a movie arises... please, listen to some Crocomaaaan!!! Summer's getting closer... don't worry about a thing!!!

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  1. yeaah Clod! Veery nice post, didn't know about Kaki King. She seems amazing! "Into the wild" is class.

    And thanks thanks thanks! She knows what she's saying ;)