The Kills have this 90s grungy simple mind-torturing attitude. With their lyrics and music it makes for a great mixture.

Still in killing attitude, Soko a French singer from Bordeaux with the best accent ever. She started on the internet and has been remixed quite successfully a couple of times. Also on my playlist of the moment is Metric's new album that Clod talked about, the psychedelic iamundernodesguise from School of Seven Bells who have lost their spacebar and If I had a heart (on youtube if you want to learn how a watch works...)

A friend has just launched an album with his band Les Bonobos. It's reggae, rock, groovy, explosive! fresh and fun if you get the lyrics ;).

Happy to be a new Fresh stuff poster!

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  1. greeat Adrian!
    Thanks for posting and welcome to freshtuff! :)