Yes it happens, you know these conversations where you do not fit? You have nothing to say about that because you do not actually know any shit about the thing that they are talking about, but... What about the opposite? Didn't it happen to you to talk about something and the person in front of you going like.. what are you talking about man?

It happened to me the other while talking about Bam festival in Barcelona. We've got The Hives playing on Saturday, and this friend of mine said, ahh I don't know them... Then I added that Billie The Vision & The Dancers are playing before, and she went like oh, I like them! Here you'll find why.

It's the power of shoehorn and yeah, media, like it or not! If it wasn't for hypemachine top songs, I wouldn't got to know that Victoria Bergsman's band Taken By Trees had made such a delicious cover. Ah! she used to play with the Concretes and was the female voice in "Young Folks". Just for your information.

The environment seems to be so important! What if this audience and hostess would have known a bit more about Muse? Check their hilarious performance!

By the way, if you do not dare to DJ because you do not know what your audience knows about music, you can even play being DJ in few days and it is gonna be alright, nobody will ask you for a song that you didn't wanna know and nobody will complain, you know?

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