A brief look into mainstream

This last week I was looking for some mainstream stuff. You know, what common people listens to, radio music, especially dance music and that means checking out lists and radio station charts, Pioneer, Now! and Ministry Of Sound compilations, etc etc.

I got to realize that I have developed somehow a very alternative taste, at least when it comes to this moment. And don't know if it's because of this late 80s-early 90s comeback but it's funny that what I found attractive to my ear was no deep, no funky, no techno but fun hip-house. Yeah, I always hated most of crunk, most Kanye West stuff, this Spanish house music on fashion here, etc, so it was a very hard task to find something that I liked on those lists.

Revisiting old tunes sometimes works well, there is a good example. Bob Sinclar prefers to create a new anthem with old school rap pioneers Sugarhill Gang that also provided yummy material for TV shows.

That is a bit far from that Jamaican sound he was being popular lately along with other producers such Yves Larock (oveer the raiinboow, soo high, café BOJAN! reggaeton!). But I prefer this other Jamaican sound coming up from the UK. And probably this would have been a summer song in the 90s, but we are in the 00s and Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull and so on, are the radio kings so... uno, dos, tres, cuatro, pap pap pap...

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